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Well, now things have taken an ugly turn, and I really need some good advice from the veterans. After we got back from our cruise, my wife immediately asked to spend two straight nights with guy, which I reluctantly agreed to because she had been with me for seven straight days. My attempts to have sex with her have been rebuffed, with her telling me she doesn't "feel it" with me right now. I told her it's not right to have sex with a guy she's known for a few months and not her husband of fifteen years. She says we need to work on some things, and I suggest marital counselling, to which she reluctantly agrees. Then I suggest we stop this polyamory and open-marriage stuff until we get our own problems resolved, which I undertand is almost a necessity in this type of things, and she refuses to stop.

Now she had decided to start sleeping in our guest room, because she doesn't want to "send me the wrong signals".

How to best proceed? I want to salvage our marriage, not just for my sake but for the sake of our two young daughters.
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