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Default Not Giving Husband Personal Details

Sweet Sensations, you wrote:
Sexless Marriage- Told him I was stepping out for sex.[. . . ]
I have stepped out of the relationship and adore sex with new man. I don't want to just leave my H the way his last 2 relationships have. [ . . . ] I told him I was not going to tell him any details about the other man.

What are ways I can convince him to have an open relationship? Building him up has helped some. He won't talk much. I want to continue to be gentle cuz it is my persona.
What do you mean by the italic text? Are you saying:
  • You will not give your husband any personal details about the other man, such as name, address, work address, etc.? (These are factual details)
  • You will not tell your husband when you are going out on a date, nor will you allow your husband to see you getting dressed up all nice and sexy, shaving your legs, and in general getting bubbly and happy for your date? (These are emotional details).
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