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Originally Posted by Fish1470 View Post
First up I wonder why you think you have outgrown one another?
In many ways I've nurtured her in our relationship, and we realized that I had a patronizing edge was not what either of us wanted. Now she seems all grown up now, which is awesome but makes me feel unneeded.

At the same time, I'm dependent on her to take care of me in other areas and I need to become independent myself.

So that's our rationalization for 'outgrowing', but you are right - there is too much love between us.

Yesterday was a really good day - and I think she got that a lot of my hurt was not because of the metamour, but because I felt we'd lost something special. We held each other, kissed and talked about us. and NOT about him, or boundaries or polyamory or Love with a capital L. Just about us. It was good

Originally Posted by Fish1470 View Post
I promise you these arrangements can work, and you won't believe this right now, but it can make your marriage stronger.
Oh, I believe it - I can see it. I've just gotten derailed quite often, unfortunately.

What about you? Do you have an other, or are you looking?
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