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"Love the pics. Your tits look great in the corset shot. Just wanted to say a quick hi."... from a profile with virtually no info (He is 51, lives in my town, never does drugs, and speaks English).

This was from earlier this week... I still don't know what it means. I'm hoping English is his second/third language.

"HI. You have an alluring way about you. Thats the essence of authenticing and an enticing lure to me. I have always had an interest in polyamory and having found the inevitable inconsistency in pairings would like to explore more and you certainly present something. I'd like to know and experience more of you.

I am hopeful you can find a spit in your schedule to accomodate a meeting. "

I have a photo of myself in a corset. Apparently that is a great way to attract men who don't know what to say.
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