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Originally Posted by Ceoli View Post
I think that the issue is that people who are marginalized don't have a choice about having to make that trek out of their comfort zones. They are faced with having to do this on a daily basis in order to get the very same things that come easily for those in the majority. From a position of privilege, it could be seen that wanting to address the fact that they don't have that choice is "bashing people over the head with their marginalization". The privileged position has the ability to dismiss it and remove themselves from the conversation. However, those in the margins get privilege bashed over their head on a daily basis and they don't have the choice to dismiss it or remove themselves from that. The only agenda is wanting to break that cycle.
Yes, and that is why I see myself as an advocate for those who either don't have a voice or are unable to for whatever reason, be it their own anger or that they are so marginalized they are unable to make the journey across that ocean. the whole thing sucks for those that don't have a choice. I see it as a life long goal to make sure they do through me.

Thanks for your words CielDuMatin. I appreciate that there are others out there that know what I mean... I don't think I am the only one who sees it this way, but I can tell you I sometimes feel marginalized just for dealing the way I do.
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