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Originally Posted by Helo View Post
From someone who . . . developed a life-long hatred of Shakespeare . . .
Omigosh, I love Shakespeare! My mother had two volumes, all the works, and I read them all voluntarily before I ever got to high school. When I was in grammar school, my sis and I both looked forward to the reading contests our town library held, where we would receive a certificate if you read all the books on the list over the summer.

I don't even recall most of what we were required to read when I was in high school - except for The Canterbury Tales and Beowulf. But I loved to read back then, because it was such a great escape, so I never felt that reading was a chore. If I didn't want to read something they wanted me to, I didn't - it didn't matter to me what they told me to do or what my grades were. I remember getting an A on a paper about a book I hadn't read. I just paged through it, picked up a few phrases here and there, and wrote the essay. I was always smart, so that was easy. I eventually quit high school, but only because I wanted to work and be independent as soon as possible.

Now, if you ask me what I felt about math and science... that's a different story. Yuck!
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