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Thank you so much for your post, Rory. It's really nice to feel understood -- we seem to be on the same page on multiple levels -- and your advice is spot on as well. Excellent point about the importance of trust.

I feel certain that the direction of letting go of my boundary about the time they spend together is the right one. When I was focusing hard on the time-together boundary, all I felt was anxiety and sadness, to the point that I was questioning the relationship itself. There was no peace to be had there. If she broke my boundary, I would be left in agony, but if she followed it, I would always be wondering whether I was just holding her back, whether she really wanted to be with him more. Clinging to a hard limit provided the illusion of a solution without actually settling anything.

When I started to discard that way of thinking, I became much calmer. Since then, the whole situation hasn't troubled me in the same way. I'm sure that there will be times when I struggle with it again, but for now I've found what I needed in order to have some peace, which was to let go of the idea of controlling the situation.

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