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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
I also need to make a trek from where I am to meet people where they are at. How do I do that? By living my life without apology or trying to fit in.... living my life in honesty, openness and staying calm and understanding that others are not where I am... keeping my frustration and anger over other peoples agenda in check.
Words I can live by, redpepper, thank you for articulating this so well.

I have had one pretty mainstream friend who has been utterly fascinated by the poly thing when we "came out" - he says it's not for him, but he is so keen to learn about the different ways that people can live their lives in happiness. I very much take the approach that this is what I want to do with my life, and I'm not trying to "convert" anyone or to tell them that my way is somehow better than other ways - it's just a different option, and I would like to have it seen as a valid option, rather than getting slammed for it from both the mainstream who think I am too radical and the activists (as you call them) who feel that I am not radical enough - both can be equally as intolerant of my chosen relationship model and feel that they know better, somehow, about what is "right".

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