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Originally Posted by Tom View Post
Your husband and I have some similarities in that we were both restricted from having sex to a certain degree in some way. However, the main difference is that I decided to make an effort and get help (which worked) and your husband isn't making an effort. This is my opinion on what you should do.

You should tell your husband that you and he need to sit down and have a serious talk. Share your grievances and tell him how you feel about your current situation. End your side of the story with asking him if he loves you. As we all know, he will say yes. When he says yes, you give him the ultimatum: either he seeks help and tries to fix your guys' sex life or you seek other options to fulfill your needs.

How you respond to his response is up to you. But I can say that almost any man given that ultimatum would probably go with option 1. If he doesn't, let him know what you want and feel is feasible. Make sure to emphasize that you will always love him no matter what but it's time that he attends to your needs some way or another.
He chose reluctantly option number 2 which was to put up with me going outside the marriage for sex. Thank you so much Tom. Is there anything that would help you if I was your Wife? I am not picking up on you just what would you want to hear to make you feel comfort and loved.

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