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Hi Jane! Happy New Year! So great to hear about your story as well. Would love to share stories and experiences being that we have a very similar, maybe even same, dynamic going on.

Feel free to ask me ANYTHING through this board or PM regarding anything you would like and that goes for anyone of you as well. As far as your question goes, I have shown and discussed this forum with Rebecca and she loves it. She is a little tight on time at the moment but has expressed interest in playing tandem on my account in the future so that she can share her side of our experience while I share mine at the same time.

I have not discussed this forum with Dan but I'm sure Rebecca will in the future. I have some questions for you as well if you don't mind. Please let me know if you would like to refrain from answering or if you would prefer, PM me your answers.

1. How did your relationship with bf start? emotional? physical?

2. Do you have kids? if so, do they know and how do they feel about your poly life?

3. Does anyone outside your household know about your relationships?

4. Do you decide who you spend the night with like my wife or is it a decision based on all three of you?

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