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^Have got to second that! I've been surprisingly excited getting fb comments/likes on that photo.

For me, all the most valuable parts of intimacy are in that one-on-one connection with somebody, plus hinge-situations are sometimes mildly anxiety-provoking, so group hang outs are just sprinkles on top. But yesterday I had one of those really wonderful poly moments: middle of the night, watching fireworks, holding on to both of my loves, in Dream City. Really really lovely. <3 The whole atmosphere, I loved it, and it felt so very natural and comfortable. And the fact that, wow, we are all really here and live here and this amazing city is home to all of us. Again, lovely.

Moreover, it was really fun to have Mya over, watch a movie, eat good food, and play a board game. Couldn't really wish for anything better to do on New Years. Literally, since I got to decide on all the activities.
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