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My friend came over yesterday for coffee with Mono and I and we talked about the up coming event we are attending. I am interested in play that doesn't involve sex at the end and a public event is a great place to make sure that doesn't happen until feeling comfortable with one another enough that we could be alone.... not that I will find anyone to play with, but that is the idea I have...

Anyway, I have never told this friend any of this and he is not an interest of mine, but he has friends in the poly and kink community and expressed that he thinks most people want the happy ending that comes with kink play/BDsm. The way he put it is "I'm not going to take the beating without having an orgasm at the end."

What's the thoughts on this? Am I shit out of luck in finding playmates that are okay with the no sex thing? I'm thinking there is a group of people that just want a certain level of play and that I will find them..
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