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I have more one on one experience, and as of yet, Master has decided he's too shy about our play time to go out and "scene" in front of people, but he has just recently taken me out on two occasions while wearing my collar and leash, a small step, but very invigorating and I loved every minute

we've tried/done all sorts of things so far bloodplay, knifeplay, blindfolds, handcuffs, breathplay/choking, spanking, toys of an assorted variety, most recent purchase was a very nice hefty flogger and a small whip, we purchased them at a flea market, very good price, very lovely pieces, work well and have shown no signs or wear or tear, so just keep your eyes open and you may find good deals as far as buying toys goes, I would also suggest getting to know the person your buying from and letting them know your excited about your purchase, may encourage them to give a good discount, just a thought

practicalities - toybox or no toybox? if your lucky enough to have room/space for one and no little people to get into it, good on you, if you do need to worry of little ones, find somewhere they can't get into but close to where you like to play, and if you can't get an actual toybox, use a nice big duffle bag or anythign that easily holds your goodies but doesn't harm them (i.e. no scratching or denting of items).

for anyone looking into getting a collar, you should really take some time to consider what you and your partner would like, they have leather ones, metal ones, chain ones, all kinds now to choose from depending on how much you can spend.
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