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Originally Posted by Bowvine View Post
The suggestions I was given by people in this forum were to figure out exactly what I needed to feel loved, respected and secure and communicate that to my partner. To communicate with her about my feelings and hers whether they are comfortable or not.

Read up on New Relationship Energy (NRE) and talking to your partner about it and your feelings around her NRE. I found in my relationship that my partner was pretty much blinded by her NRE and could not manage to maintain any sort of presence in our relationship as she was always distracted. What would have worked for me is if she could honor the relationship we had created by being present when she was with me.

Best of luck to you in your new journey.
Thanks Bowvine, it isnt an easy thing. Thats one of the problems I'm having, is the idea of what I need to feel loved, respected and secure. I'm trying to sort out why I feel jealous at all, it's frustrating that I can't just let it go. I'm dwelling on it and can't just relax and focus on something else.

With NRE we know about it and I've requested that she be open and honest with everything that goes on, atleast for the first while so I can get my head on straight.
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