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Default The happy post

So I basically have two posts that are going to go up here. One's a nice little life update. The other is the things that had me scared that I ended up putting in my note I typed up. Very different things so I didn't want to do them together.

A few weeks ago I talked with Woodsmith about Dys. She and I were trying to figure out a time to meet which first feel through on her side and the second time on my side (holiday season can suck with trying to meet people for the first time). During that conversation he was a bit apprehensive about the idea of me being in a relationship with a girl. He's fine with the whole fooling around part but wasn't sure how he'd feel about an actual relationship (which I do find kinda funny since most times the guys don't have problems with a girl relationship and balk at one with another guy while he's been extremely supportive and encouraging of my relationship with Primal).

Friday I finally got some one on one time to talk with Primal about Dys. He was very receptive about me meeting her especially with talking about the things we have in common.

Yesterday got a text from Dys seeing if we wanted to have dinner together at a coffeehouse this coming weekend. I talked with Woodsmith about her message to see if he was still uncomfortable about things and he was very encouraging and supportive on me meeting her (almost at the level he's been supportive/encouraging of how things have been going with Primal).
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