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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Ugh, what a mess.

Maybe it's a mid life crisis? Men can be so identified with their jobs... maybe he's gone a bit crazy and will eventually come to earth and want to find you waiting there on the ground.
I had thought that too Magdlyn and so we keep talking and walking through it all.

We've managed to agree that I will stop prying for details about what has happened and he will dump the DADT policy he took up of his own accord. He will tell me when and if he is interested in someone else and I will expect certain details out of that.

He's going to spend time with his female friend and I think that is an excellent idea at this point. Her and I have been in contact and I trust her. I don't trust him, but I trust her judgment about her own boundaries.

Another woman to talk to who understands him in a way I don't might help. I asked that he keep his passion for her to a minimum and he said he is happy to just have a friend. We will see what the future holds for that, but for now we have settled. Now to go about trusting a man without the full story to base trust on. I'm hoping I can just let go of it.
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