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Unhappy Sad to the point of physically sick

Hi all... we are back from our amazing trip to the Grand Canyon... through a blizzard too. Check out my new pictures on my profile.. My hsband and I just got back from taking K (my girlfriend) to the airport to send her back to finland... since she left (2:00 yesterday) I have felt physically sick!!! I don't know what to do... can't even think much. Sitting her at the library putting up pictures of our trip. Hope to go to my in-laws for dinner so I don't have to cook/think tonight. Many life sucks right now... any she wan't be coming back for 2-5 years!!! Or atleast that is what she has promised numbourse times will happen. Any words of incouragement would be great.. hopefully she will be writing on her more... she says she will be. You all are always great support... thanks for any help.
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