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I am sorry sorry you are going through this.

I answered you in your other thread.

In this one? I voted for "tell them how you feel" since you are unwilling to leave at this point in time.

But keep your tolerance limit in mind and keep it real over there. If you are actually AT your limit (and your posts sound like you are) and you have told them how you feel and what changes you need to feel safe and they STILL DO NOTHING to right the wrongs?

Bail. If you have to jump ship to save your own self, really do it!

You deserve to be treated well, and with respect. Your love is a gift, and if these people are trashing that gift and not treating you respectfully? Not treating you with loving, kind behavior? Walk away from the sinking ship of bad treatment.

Put your OWN oxygen mask on since nobody else here will give you any air.

You have worth, dignity and value. Remember that. Even if you are being poorly treated right now.


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