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Do you feel this one encounter is indicative of how swingers generally behave?

I'm sorry if I was unclear. I do not feel that all swingers behave this way. I was giving a specific example of these couples. Not all the couples we met were condescending and rude. But over two nights, in two different towns, the overall experience for me was not one I would care to repeat.

I would have felt no differently if they were poly or mono. It wasn't because they were swingers that I had a difficult time, it was their attitude towards my partners and myself that I objected too. They were disrepectful to myself and my partners. What should have been a joyous and fun time turned into the three of us defending our relationship.

We've had to explain our relationship to many people over the years, I just never expected to be put in a position of having to defend our relationship to friends who also live an open lifestyle.

I can't speak for Tommy and Sea, but I can say that we've discussed that weekend at great length, and they were no less surprised by their attitude then I was. They were probably more disappointed then I was. I respect their right to choose to live their lives as they do, I'm just sorry the didnt respect ours.

Again I will apologize for making such a broad statement in saying swingers can keep what they have, but for me, whether you're open or closed in your relationship, I believe that I deserve the same respect that I have afforded you.
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