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So there's trouble between Glenn and Sam due to past cheating?

You could ask him how this affects his feelings for you.

Is he willing to continue to be in polyship with you as a "V" configuration? Where you are the shared sweetie and you keep your relationships with Glenn and then the one with Sam?

Or is he willing to keep in relationship with you, but NOT willing to be in relationship with you if you are also in relationship with Sam?
I love him with all i have and made it clear that if i lose glenn because of sam i will never forgive her, how do i deal, what do i do?
You are not going to lose him because of her. She does not control HIS behavior.

For YOU? You cannot be a mind reader so just ask him where he stands with you. Straight up and from the heart.

He controls his own behavior and it will likely play out along these lines with what he is willing to do or not:
  • not willing to be with either of you.
  • willing to be with you while you are still with her
  • willing to be with you only if you are not with her.
  • some other thing I can't think of right now. So best he say where he is at.

Basically the only thing you could do at this point is ask him where he stands with YOU if you want to know.

So ask. Then you have clear information and can choose YOUR next behavior.

Let them know you are sorry this is happening, and then let them sort themselves out on their end of things. But this couple keeps having issues -- it makes a lot of drama in your life. If this is CHRONIC and costing you your own well being, you might consider walking away. I know you are not willing to do that and struggle with the right thing to do. But when you don't know what to pick -- pick YOU. Gotta put your own oxygen mask on first.

Breaking up is rough, but it's not like you can't get back together later down the road either. There's lots of stories of people who break up and come back in the fullness of time.

Remember to breathe as you try to decide what is best for your health right now.

It will all come out in the wash one way or another. Even if it hurts right now, even if it stinks... take care of YOU. Get some sleep, some eats, go to work, step away from drama/stress things. One baby step at a time. BREATHE.


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