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Default Help me Poly-fi relationship!

I have already mad the point clear that I am not ealving the relationship I am in. But I will give you background information for you to understand what position I am in. Well, I am in a polyfidelitous relationship with a married couple. There is a trail of infidelity in their past and share a child and one on the way. In the beginning, my boyfriend cheated on her with his ex wife. He cheated on her 2x early on in the relationship and my girlfriend fired back with sleeping with a guy she barely knew. And he again cheated about 6-8 weeks after their daughter was born But she didn't find out until 3 months later then proceeded to marry him 4 months after finding out. (She neaively expected the situation to change) Well, my girlfriend has cheated frequently as well. Glenn since his mistake, been has been faithful and remorseful. Sam was very angry after finding out But nothing happened within that time, it wasnt up until early on within this eyar, before I was involved, that she cheated. She slept with her co-worker and her ex boyfriend 4 months later. While they were married. She proceeded to have a relationship with her ex while being married without her husband knowing. Glenn had only found out about her ex at the time, she admitted reluctantly to one time and he found it equal and dealt but when he found out she cheated with her ex another time, she tried to hide it and only admitted to it after being frced. Anyways,He asked to know everything and she hid 1 time with her coworker because she was "protecting" him. he just found out on Christmas about the co-worker thing (a day before our 4 month anniversary). He's distancing himself and isn't sure if he can trust or stay anymore. She and i both had his heart and she just dropped it and it shatteered. despite my faithfulness and honesty. There is no garauntee that he can stay with us. and if he leaves, he leaves me. I am willing to fight for him but he has to give me the chance. I am just not sure how to approach this situation. The idea of leaving is far from my mind, but how should I do this? How should I approach him?
I love him with all i have and made it clear that if i lose glenn because of sam i will never forgive her, how do i deal, what do i do? i know its between the 3 of them, but what do i do because i am affected by this relationship.
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