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River- definitely because of his age. he's an awesomely emotion conscious person! He's VERY MUCH like my boyfriend in that way, but I think he gets it also from my brother.
I'm actually primarily surrounded by guys who are quite gifted in being emotionally receptive.

My older daughter is 21. She flip flops. Her brother at 12 is DEFINITELY more emotionally in tune with others needs and feelings than she is. She's compassionate and caring, but you have to spell out exactly what you need or she misses it.
Yet, I recall she wasn't that way as a child. I don't recall when that changed.

So, I have great curiosity about my boy-cause he still has it. Maybe with a bit of conscious effort in promoting that-I can effect a change and both of the younger ones will keep it. Or maybe they would have anyway.
Either way-very intriguing!
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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