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got one from a 24-year old today who says he's very shy (no pics on his profile), likes older women, and would I be so kind to be the one he can lose his virginity with?

I also got one that said 'Hello, I'm [name]' and nothing else.

and this one
hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii most sexy and most beauttifull woman l have ever seen

I've been getting messages form guys who I suspect are cheating - they talk about wanting to have an open relationship, but no pic or a pic where they are unrecognizable. So when they approach me its the first thing I ask... and then comes the cliche story 'I love my wife so much but she would never understand this so I just decided not to tell her' blah blah blah.
3 times the last couple of weeks. I have now added a line in my profile that says don't message me if you have a partner who doesn't know you're looking to date. We'll see if that helps.
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