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My kid goes to OWL and has since Kindergarten.

Our Whole Lives:

It is age appropriate sex / relationship ed. And you layer it on each time so it goes a bit further out. You can order it from the bookstore do do at home if you wanted to.

I think it's the time to start layering. *shrug* But I do not coparent with you. You have to arrive at the happy medium for the children you both coparent.

The UUpoly "Love Makes a family" unit is still in field testing to my knowledge.

But it is coming... and could be a potential future resource for your family.

Kids learn whatever they are offered to learn, intentional or not.

Question is -- what do you guys want to teach? When? And How? And is it going to come at the time that your KID needs to know it or not?

Those are talks to have with your coparent. Balance all the needs and wants and limits and make the plan there.


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