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Why is communicating the most difficult task in all of this? I feel as though I'm open and accepting of anything(quite literally anything) that she could have to say. This includes anything about Past, Present, or Future relationships. But I'm not entirely certain she believes me when I say this. I have even gone so far as to try and make her aware of my level of forgiveness around the topic of secrecy if that is the case as the present time. This has been acknowledged by her but nothing has been said as of yet. I want to be open and accepting to her relationships and I believe I am doing a dammed good job of that. (otherwise I would have high-tailed it long ago) I understand and see where she may find it difficult to tell me about another relationship given my accusation of spousal dishonesty or cheating or whatever you wanna call it, despite my new found understanding of what poly is.

We share a lot of discussions about Poly and what it means to each of us. But I'm still not entirely convinced that she has the faith in my acceptance and understanding that is required in a Poly relationship. The best part about that is that at this point, I'm not even poly I'm mono. I'm doing everything I can to allow her to express her Poly lifestyle but the challenge is laying in communication. Should I just wait until she is ready to talk about whether she has found another relationship or not? regardless of when it was found? I love her and I want to be with her, but at the same point in time my significant other needs to be able to trust my abilities to understand and think rationally about any subject.
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