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^That is an excellent life attitude.

I also came out to my biological mother just recently. She's been single for years, and just started dating a friend of hers. She mentioned something about her ex being kind of jealous, and then her view that she doesn't really think about other people in that way, and wouldn't do anything when she's in a relationship. I commented on that "I just do stuff with a permission". She took that so normally ("that's cool, I've never happened to be with a guy who would be fine with that, though"), so I continued that, actually, I'd like to let her know I have a girlfriend. She took that news really well, too. I told her a little about Mya. I like how she seemed to immediately get the idea, since she said "it's wonderful to have one person one's in love with, even better that you actually have two".

We have only had a relationship for the last few years, and she's been kind somewhere between relative/friend to me. The way she took this news definitely brought her closer to friend in my mind (which is a good thing - chosen family and all that).
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