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Originally Posted by Ravenesque View Post
NRE could be applied to monogamy but it is a non-mono concept. So are terms like metamour, grok, compersion, etc.
Actually, grok's gone mainstream, or at least it was in 2003 when I first heard of it. Context? A trivia bowl question which had nothing to do with polyamory except that Heinlein came up with the term.

The solution is to think of new ways of existing where everyone has the rights they should have.
Exactly. I believe I saw a poster somewhere on here propose that civil unions be what determine rights, not marriage, which for many carries religious associations. To me, comparison of marriage to handfasting yields far more similarities than comparison of marriage to a civil union.

If I didn't see that on here, well, I still think it's a valid idea.

However the point is that I'm poly and wouldn't quote or understand a quote from Heinlein beyond the single word 'grok' which I think is cute.
Do you one better, even: not only have I not read Heinlein (hey, I got that trivia question wrong), I've not read The Ethical Slut or Opening Up. Cue gasps of heresy?

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