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Question Great blogs, glad there are many to learn from

I do not know what to do with myself, I was really hoping for some insight, although the blogs I am reading a re really helpful , in dealing with issues of jealousy , how it is not all just about sex, and how the many terms can help define what it is can be labeled, my mind is open and I want to learn as much as I can so that I do not fear the unknown, but understand it as it comes to me.
It is just ......a very lonely road and has been for a while, and I just want to be me. Perhaps there is just no way to address this, not for me. DO I accept my fate? even knowing that perhaps me just keeping it to myself would save a lot of trouble, I approached it once and got my privacy completely violated and was made to feel like a suspect just for talking about it the distrust there broke my heart. I know that I want it to be fair , but I feel sometimes like I am dealing with a child's fantasies more than a grown persons desires and needs. I did not sign up to be told I had no choice ad that is how I feel that the choice is taken from me and I do not have a say and if I say some thing there is drama.
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