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It is possible that the subject of poly might come up at some point between us. I'd probably handle it carefully if/when it does, but because my girlfriend isn't into the idea it doesn't really matter much at this point in terms of having an actual polyship with both.

I am playing around with the idea of telling myself that "right now isn't the time" and trying to just enjoy the times I have around his girl. After all, who knows what the future might bring? That's the beautify of life - that it is unpredictable that stranger things have happened. I don't believe in karma/fate etc. but I don't think what is happening to me is an "accident" if that makes sense. Whatever does happen I need to learn something from it.

I'm going to be spending significant time with this girl next week (like five straight days) so that might propel this story forward. It feels like the subject of us is fairly likely to come up. I'm a bit nervous, but I can handle it.

Originally Posted by GalaGirl View Post
Whether mild like a crush or "stronger" -- it doesn't change the fact that having feelings? Doesn't mean you HAVE to act on them or do anything about it. Rain is rain. Sun is sun. Emotion is emotion. It's internal weather. Given time, it will blow on through on its own. Honest.
I would love to be disciplined enough to live life in that kind of zen-like state. The idea of going through life and acknowledging pain/emotion/circumstance and rather than reacting to it is enticing but requires a strength of will that I am not sure I currently possess.

However, I'm going to work at it... thanks Galagirl!
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