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Originally Posted by River View Post
What I basically meant was: How you structure your relationship/s may not change, but both of you have already begun down a trail of inquiry that is (in my opinion) likely to persist, regardless.

I'm not trying to tell you how or what to think. I was just stating my sense of the situation as garnered from your words. It SEEMS to me that you both have taken the lid off of a sort of box and looked at the contents of the box, which are wonderous strange. You can choose to slam that box shut. But the cat is already out of the bag. So to speak. And the cat will be out of the bag regardless of the relationship structure (i.e., poly vs mono).
I disagree with your whole premise, although I understand what you are saying. I feel we more took the lid of a box, stared at the innards, and decided to lift one thing out to try on as a possibility. If that doesn't fit, there's nothing that says we need to revisit the box. The same as people who decide to try some form of BDSM play in their world, and find it doesn't work for them, have no obligation to stay in the kink world.
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