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Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post
Are there other new or old limits and boundaries that are unequally applied to a specific couple?

Funny to hear "her body and her choice" but maybe he should have a vasectomy and always wear a condom until ..............until when exactly?

I don't understand why the fluid bonding needs to be put on hold given the long histories of the unit....especially after you've encouraged it for so many years.
IMHO, it's not unfair or unequal. New couple formed = new limits. Prior to now, there was no need for limits, as nothing had transpired, as we were a V and I was the hinge. Now that it has, limits are being established.

The thing with the vasectomy is that it involves me as well. A vasectomy and a tubal can both be undone, but the reversal procedure a tubal is 10k and our insurance will not cover that. The other issue is it may or may not take. In the event it doesn't, we are just out of the money. If I do something like a tubal, I want it to be set in stone that no more children will be had. We have not reached the point in our marriage where we have said that we are done having children. There was never a cookie cutter limit like 3 because initially we didn't want children. As mentioned in a previous post, it took a little bit under 7 years for the tide to turn.
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