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Sorry if I wasn’t clear, I very much feel like I want to be close to all of my partner’s partners. I want us all to be like family. I’m not into the everyone has to be in love with each other or everyone has to be sleeping with each other I just want us all to be family. And my partners are on the same page.

I will bring it up with my girlfriend again. I’m going to be hanging out with her in person in a couple of days so I was going to wait until then. Sometimes talking face to face is so much easier then e-mail or video.

But it won’t be easy, my boyfriend and her are having some conflict right now. It’s a different thing but it also revolves around her seeing other people as well and I really don’t want her to feel like I’m just throwing more emotional crap on her. Ugh.

I do have reasons that I have picked out as to why I don’t like this new person but it still it doesn’t seem to add up. The self effacing thing is pretty much the only thing I can put my finger on, along with my girlfriend’s tendency to get into friendships and relationship with people who need someone to take care of them. Although my girlfriend doesn’t feel that is what is going on with her new partner, while I was hanging out with them it seemed pretty clear to me that it was still going on. My girlfriend is pushing her to speak up more in class and trying to get her to apply to some crazy PhD program and is trying to “get her out of her shell” which I guess to me her shell seems fake.

And I’m fine with my girlfriend being in relationship with people who need her. I’m glad she is working on it because I don’t think it is super healthy and it causes her a lot of stress but she has had both female partners in the past that she had this kind of relationship with and I still liked the women she was with.
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