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Originally Posted by UpsideDown View Post
I'm just not sure what happens if I absolutely cannot, in good faith, be alright with him sleeping with someone else. Do the above concessions make it a compromise, or am I still being selfish and unfair.
You've already set sail, and you two can never return to the comfortable familiar as you've known it. This means you are -- together -- on a journey. You're neather here nor there, as it is a journey to elsewhere.

It is a journey you must make together, in communication and honesty. No one else can take this journey for you. It will likely have unpredictable and surprising turns. But it is the nature of a journey of this kind that it transforms the people taking the journey.

You may surprise yourselves (or yourself?) to discover that what is apparently essential and unchangable now ... could radically transform. What wasn't okay might become far more than merely okay. It is possible that you might even celebrate one another as you each explore new loves. Rather than recoiling in fear, you may champion one another in joyous celebreation. Many things are possible. But you cannot know how it will turn out as you advance down the path. But it will be helpful to realize that how you feel now could turn upsidedown.
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