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Originally Posted by snowbunnie View Post
Am I on the right track with this?
Yeah, I think you're on exactly the right track with this.

Here's how I see it.: Kids of all ages pick up on "How Things Are" and "How Things Should Be" from the surrounding socity / culture. The surrounding culture tends to be presented as if it were monolithic--, as if the popular "norms" were the only valid way of "How Things Are / Should Be". Especially to young children. And so the young children basically end up believing in the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus [or monogamism and heterosexism] (etc.) because these are the defalut settings.

This is a disservice to our children. It protects them from nothing, though parents (and teachers, etc.) engage in this false image of a cultural monolith on the grounds of protecting the little ones. It would be better to teach the kids the truth: That ours is a diverse socity / culture and there are MANY valid ways of loving and living. Difference does not equate with "wrong" or "bad" or "evil". That's what the kids need to know -- and that they can choose from a menu of valid options.

PS -- Wow! You're 21 and have a seven year old daughter?! Amazing.
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