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Default All kinds of love.

So yesterday the kids and I decided to go eat lunch at my work(I work in chinese food). We sat down and while we were eating, my amigo from the kitchen came out and sat down with us and we were talking, and he held my hand under the table, and both kids decided to give him hell right there. They started in on the "Ohhhhh you're in looovvveeeee" and "I know what you are! BF/GF!" and while it was cute and funny, they embarrassed him a little, and he took it like a champ. After he went back to the kitchen, I asked my daughter(who is 7 going 30) what if I had another boyfriend? She said "That's cheating, you only date one person at a time" and i gave her a smile and said, "What if daddy knows about it? Is it okay then?" and she shrugged her shoulders and didn't bring it up again.

I want to talk to her more about it, simply because I do plan on seeing others and I don't want to limit them to a monogamous life, where they only date one person at a time. I want them to be able to choose how they want to love. But Ben doesn't want to bring it up to them, we've had this argument over sexuality, as far as who can they love? I said it's okay to love a woman and a man the same. Ben just wants to shut the whole conversation down and wait until they are older. the kids are 7(8 in feb.) and 9. I think they are plenty old enough to know about the different kinds of love that people can have for each other.

Am I on the right track with this? I feel I am doing the right thing by not limiting them to one person, one gender, and allowing them to freedom to love anyone regardless of gender, and to love as many as they want.
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