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Originally Posted by UpsideDown View Post
I would suck at this in his shoes.
Totally get this.
Am I being utterly unfair in this?
Probably. But maybe you can take some comfort in the fact that this is all abstract for you right now. You can tie your stomach in knots imagining it, but you really don't know how you'd feel if it came up. You're only guessing.
Does this make me a terrible person?

Everyone has their sore spots. Having them doesn't make you a bad person. How you deal with them is what matters. MC and TGIB both need alone time FAR more than I do. It's one of the reasons our set-up balances so well, and means that they are less affected when I'm spending time with the other. And while I don't care if they have sex with other people, I'd care a LOT if they started spending a significant amount of time with someone (even a friend!) and I lost a good deal of my time with them. I'm aware it could happen and I'd have to deal, but I'm not going to work myself up over a hypothetical. I know it's there, so I'll do my best to be careful if it ever comes up.
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