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Originally Posted by Feynman View Post
I'm not sure I understand why it would raise red flags. The forum guidelines advocate anonymity. I just took it one step further by not trusting the owners that I don't know and their security practices into which I have no insight.

I've been very clear and honest about my intentions and my methods. If I was here to cause harm, I wouldn't be pointing out how I'm able to access the site anonymously. In fact, if the owners are serious about cutting down on spam, I'm sure they can find a list of current Tor exit nodes to block outright--it'd certainly be more effective than picking them off one at a time. They'd fall out of date, though. Maybe there's a vBulletin plugin to keep such a list up to date.
I'm not accusing you of anything at all and understand I'm speaking entirely for myself (though others may agree), but again understand that you're coming onto a forum and asking about ways to anonymously log onto that forum.

I have no idea why you're asking for that information. You could easily be fishing for a security gap to let in a flood of spambots, looking for a way to gather personal information for a variety of purposes, or just looking for a way to troll with impunity.

I have no way of determining what your intentions actually are and as such am forced to assume the worst out of a desire for self-protection. Its absolutely nothing personal, its not a result of anything you've done or anyone you've pissed off. Its very simple caution.
I am as direct as a T-Rex with 'roid rage and about as subtle. It isn't intended to cause upset, I just prefer to talk plain. There are plenty of other people here who do the nice, polite thing much better than I can. I'm what you'd call a "problem dinner guest."
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