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One more for Galagirl: Would you mind defining "closed polyship of two" for me?
Sure. It's just my shorthand for describing where I'm at right now. Once upon a time I was a hinge person in an "Open V" sort of arrangement. We were all free to date others, so it was not a "closed" polyship -- it was still "open." And there was 3 people in there. So it was three.

Later it changed. It was partially Closed -- I didn't see others, neither did BF1 but BF2 did. He wound up with another sweetie and he had a VERY hard time with a 4 person "N" thing. So it changed again -- I broke up with BF2 and we were friends only. Which left it at a closed polyship of 2 for me and BF1. Then I married him. So it changed again -- now BF1 was my DH.

Who knows what will come in future? But for now, "closed married polyship of 2" will do for shorthand.


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