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Originally Posted by nondy2 View Post
I am reading A LOT of snap judgements here. From what I have read about BPD it's an ephemeral "illness' that can apply to a lot of people. Are all people emotionally stable? Not moody? Not afraid of being abandoned? Further, it sounds like (to me) that someone gets fucked by being abandoned by their parents, then they get fucked by being labeled and hated by everyone.. what fun! ...

Hope I'm not out of line, but I'm bothered that people jumped all over her when you didn't even describe any of her behaviors....people are like, O she's BPD she must be list THIS and to me, that's a dangerous stereotype.

Schizophrenia has specific behaviors and symptoms. So does Bipolar disorder and chronic depression and...well, so does BPD. Having loved (in a platonic sense) people with all of these issues, I can honestly say that a BPD diagnosis would be a deal-breaker for me. I'd veto them if DH were dating, I wouldn't let a person be a roommate here, I wouldn't allow any part of my life to hinge on the erratic behaviors of someone with that disease. I've lost too much money, time, blood and tears.

Yes, it can be brought down to where a person can function, but that is rare because of the nature of the beast.
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