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OOOps. I'm sorry if I'm too hardh, and OP, I have empathy for you. I'm more reacting to the respones. My best friend was diagnosed with BPD, and again, who knows if she (or anyone) has it. But she was telling me about the strong negative reaction against t, in both the clinical community and society, and I open this and read it first hand. Any stereotype of any disability or illness really bothers me, comes off as prejudice. that is what I am responding too. But I also think you could just tell you SO -look you chose this person, cool for you, but I don't want to hear you complain...I don't know what your situation is but I have NO go-between with my husband and his lover...I tell him what days I'm free to watch our child and my needs and he figures out the rest with her. Because of our past, I would feel that if I did scheduling with her, I would be tking over his relationship and being co-dependent.
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