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Jane's with John. And I'd rather not get into talking about their problems, if you don't mind. I do know that Jane ended a superficial secondary relationship recently to focus on John, and that they go to counseling.

Wifey's advances toward Jane have not been met with a whole lot of enthusiasm, which is part of the problems they have to work through, and also why we're in a state of equilibrium. Jane needs to process, Wifey feels at times like she's being patronized and not wanted, that's a lot for them to work through before there's any movement.

Again, it's really good to have this time to process, both internally as well as between all these individuals.

And yeah, I don't think I'd really be comfortable engaging in casual sex, and would have to know someone fairly well first. I could then be casual with someone I know well, I imagine, but then there's a risk of emotional entanglement that could result FROM that, potentially, like that romantic feelings might develop because of the sex . . . I dunno, it's a lot to think about, and I have no idea really how I'd feel in that incredibly foreign situation. Wifey is afraid of my having romantic feelings for others, as well as my having sex with others, and is just doing her best to work through that to wherever she finds herself comfortable, even though I never asked her to. Smart of her, and I appreciate the effort, but it is obviously a lot of hard work, and I wasn't gonna push for anything like that.

Slow & steady . . .
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