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To clarify, Wifey is interested in Jane, not John. John is Jane's Primary. We've all been friends for some time now, to varying but slowly increasing degrees, since well before Wifey started feeling this way toward Jane.

And yes, things are in a stable equilibrium, but mostly because Jane is reluctant to proceed. Aside from having reservations regarding the wisdom of entering a relationship with someone already so entangled through so many parts of her life, she's also somewhat exhausted by some turbulence in her relationship w/ John. Not something I can speak on, really, besides to say that she doesn't have a lot of energy for stufff external to that right now.

So yes, equilibrium, steady-state, holding pattern, whatever. It is very nice to have time to think out possibilities and dangers, ask questions here, and discuss with Wifey. We've been doing a lot of talking.
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