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Originally Posted by Petunia View Post
IMO, there is a big difference in life experience between twenty and twenty-six or twenty-eight, though. He can certainly keep up, but why would he want to? I guess men and women think differently about this. Earlier last night I sent an eighteen year old a no-thank-you reply; I want lovers to have mad skills and that takes time and experience.
Yes! I have limited patience for teaching! I want sex to be skilled as we leave the gate. That is one of the reasons why, despite allowing myself some fantasies about him, I am resisting the temptation of hooking up with a 23-year-old guy at my job who is very clearly crushing on me (bigger reason is, I don't want drama at my job). I am over twice his age and, although the idea of having several younger lovers is appealing to my inner cougar, I don't want anyone inexperienced fumbling around down there, hahaha!

Maybe for men, it's less complicated when they think about boinking younger women.
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