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We're pretty good at talking things out, and I know I think further ahead than Wifey on these matters so far. One concern we've discussed is the potential for this to go beyond the cutesy, kissey, hand-holdey stage, beyond attraction and romance (which is all Wifey has in mind at present) and into sexuality, carnal kinda desires.

At present, that's where I start to get uncomfortable. I talked about it with Wifey for hours last night, and I'm much less uncomfortable than I was, but still have a lot to work through, and for now she knows where I'm at on it.

She's also working through some of her own possessiveness issues, trying to figure out what she might be ok with me hypothetically doing as we explore opening up. Right now the answer is "nothing," which is fine because I want nothing, but she feels she has to work on at least figuring out why that is and under what circumstances that might change, because I've been so supportive of her in her conversations with Jane. Casual sex vs.loving friendship with benefits, every circumstance of me opening up scares her, and is hard for her.

I don't really want casual sex, and I'm as slow to form friendships as she is, and the circumstances of my career and social opportunities don't lend themselves well to bonding with others at present, so all her fears are kinda moot for the time being anyway, but she has decided she has to prepare for all eventualities, and I appreciate her efforts.
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