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Ask them now before it develops further what their intentions are in that direction and what the plan is. What expectations there are of you, if any. What rights/responsibilities would be granted you in this situation, if any. Just as you tell them what YOUR wants, needs, and limits are in this area. Talk to them.

DH and I covered that and neither of us wants more children -- with each other or with other people. We've promised genetic monogamy and that's a limit.

Parenting is hard, and it is a huge commitment to the child. Time, money, energy, effort, etc.

Even when the "active parenting" phase ends and the kid graduates and leaves the nest, you don't stop being a parent. It becomes a different relationship -- adult to adult, just happens that I'm also your parent.

Just as there is "polysaturation" where you are full up on partners, I think there's "kid saturation" where that's it. That's all the kids one wants to have with whom. All the kids one is willing to support and parent well. Maybe it's 0. Maybe it's more. But everyone has that limit.


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