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Default Busy bees or is that busy beavers?

Busy date night for hubby and me last night. I didn't think I was going to be doing anything, but WP contacted me and said that if I wanted to get together he'd ask his other girl if they could get together the next night seeing as he'd seen her two days before. I think he was motivated by the fact that we hadn't seen each other since the 13th. I appreciate the fact that he is trying to build something between us and that he didn't care to leave too long of a gap in us getting together.

So, I had a second date and Twitch had a first date. I couldn't wait to hear how things went for him; what his impression was, if conversation flowed, if she was what he was expecting, and so on and so forth. One of the dogs woke me at 3 AM to be let out and I was sorely tempted to wake him and pepper him with questions, but I restrained myself. LOL. I know, shocking, right?! Hey, I can control myself once in a while! Besides, I was SO tired. I had gotten to bed at midnight. (Yawn)

The alarm went off at 5 AM and I laid there contemplating taking a sick day. After meditating for 10 minutes and trying to keep my mind off of excuses for not going into work, I finally sucked it up and got in the shower. Thirty minutes later he pulled himself from bed and did the same. While he showered I asked him about his night.

Report: He liked her. She was bigger than he thought she'd be, but it wasn't a deal-breaker. (She's into fitness this year and it's a major priority for her and he started doing triathlons this year, so they are well matched in this regard. His preference in women is not stick thin, so really it's not an issue, IMO.) She can hold a conversation and is interesting. Quote, "She didn't annoy me too much." What??!! Men! I wonder if they all have these thoughts!

"She didn't annoy me too much." Gawd. I wanted to smack him.

Question: "Did you have sex?" (I knew by the hour he arrived home that they had. Plus the fact that he left with a bottle of wine and the fact that she had decided that he should come to her house rather than meet at a pub for a bite to eat.)
Answer: "Yes."
Question: "Well, how was it?"
Answer: "Good. It was fun."
Question: "You going to see her again?"
Answer: "Maybe. I don't know yet."

I know he will. He said they were done doing the nasty by 11 PM and he got home after 1 PM. It's a 40 minute drive. He wasn't exactly busting to get away.

I'm tickled and a bit dismayed. I think his night went well, but geez, his answers. Is that how men think? Or is he being a bit crude? Or is this how men play it cool? Whatever! He had a good time. I pretty certain of it.

My date went well and on the way home my D.C. guy was texting me about a 20 y.o. that had contacted him on OKC and then texted him for hours that night. She has a daddy complex and now he's intrigued. Good grief, he's 60. Granted he is in fantastic physical shape (6 pack abdomen and tight, lovely skin), but that age gap is huge. I wanted to point out that he could be her grandfather, not just her daddy! He said she was visiting family for the holiday and that she suddenly disappeared and quit texting. I replied back that her mother probably told her it was bedtime. (teehee! this is going to be fun!) Truth is he sees two other ladies that are in their mid-twenties. IMO, there is a big difference in life experience between twenty and twenty-six or twenty-eight, though. He can certainly keep up, but why would he want to? I guess men and women think differently about this. Earlier last night I sent an eighteen year old a no-thank-you reply; I want lovers to have mad skills and that takes time and experience. And beyond that, I want some commonality.
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