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Default On Being Dysfunctional

OMG...I am a woman with mucho life experience and if I have learned one thing through the years is that most people have had one or many dysfunctional moments whether they want to admit it or not. However, simply from your posts I cannot conceive how someone would diagnose you as dysfunctional!!! Someone with the gift of youth should not have to justify their choices, because that is your life that only YOU can my advice, no apologies in any way, shape, or's like this: At 22, women can pretty much do no wrong (unless of course they are ax-murderers) because your youth(which is totally YOURS) excuses you from the little faux pas of life.
Pretty much you can do no wrong! When I was 22, I lived my life the way I wanted-I was told one time in rehab I was a 'serial polygamist, often beginning one relationship while ending another'-I shit you not- thats wording they used on my treatment, dysfunction is in the eye of the beholder sometimes.....if I could impart anything to you from my years of experience I would say to you(and you are young enough to be my daughter) Erosa, go out and have all the fun you can, wear anything you want because on a 22 year old body you really can do no wrong experimenting fashion-wise, same with hair and make-up, and as far as relationships go just make sure that for all the time and energy you putinto something you need to get your needs met or it's freaking wake-up time! In other words, for all the bullshit you should get something if not everything out of it. And on that feelings of a secondary.....what I have observed is that a secondary has it rough in the relationship....and that yes the primary couple is like fucking clueless about it....more on that later and other stuff I have observed especially regarding those Human Awareness workshops and the parties....I mean, 'hello!!!' what the fuck does everybody really want?!
Can anyone be totally balls out honest about what they really want. There is a reason people pay big money for procedures that make them look believe me when I tell you that your youth gives you just the right advantage for survival in this world. You need Rhino skin just like Tom Petty says....l8tr
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