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Default Emotional Flooding

How many on this forum have had this pop up? Many from what I've read. I first read about it more then a month ago. I was focused on other issue in my relationships, and didn't consider it as appling to me. Well Over the last few weeks I've started paying more attention, and recently spoke with Airyn about it. He calls it over reacting. Any way I told him that I had an idea of what I'd like to try (or would like for him to try) the next time I'm in that place. I told him it was a conversation that Chipmunk should be present for, but not one that she'll be participating in other then to hear how I want to handle this next time.

I told him what I'd like him to do, and gave hi some examples of what he could say to help me calm down so we can talk more calmly and logically. He told me he'd try, but that if I'm seriously upset he will find it difficult to just leave me on my own. I told him that if it's that bad off then he should just hold me (physical touch is very important to me) and tell me that he knows we can work out what ever it is once I'm calm again. Not long after we had this conversation he left to take Chipmunk to work, and tells me what concern she expressed in the car. She wanted to know how long something like that could take, how long would he be "comforting" me. I laughed and said how should I know? Then told him that the next time she gets moody I'll ask her how long till she over it. He laughed a bit at that, and I told him that that's a goofy thing to expect to have an actual answer too.

So we'll see how this goes next time something set me off balance emotionally.
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