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Originally Posted by Helo View Post
Again, if I'm not being too nosy, what do you fear would happen if your being here would become public knowledge?
I suppose it comes down to whether or not I feel that I can be as honest as I wish. The machinery is heavy-duty, sure, but to me it's just an icon that I double-click. I'm willing to have a slightly slower connection to not have to worry about it.

As for what I'm worrying about: I don't know, to be honest. I'm lucky enough to have loving parents that wouldn't really care and coworkers who are more scandalous than anything here. That said, I'd still rather not deal with it.

Since posting this, I've also realized that the forum session is tied to the IP address, so unbanning the exit nodes would at best improve the browsing experience when not logged in. So it may be a moot point. I can deal.
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