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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Invisible mode lets you to login and browse the forums without appearing in the "Currently Active Users" list. No one will know you are here. Just check that choice and you're good to go!
Unfortunately, that doesn't prevent the owner(s) of the site and every intermediary between my house and the ISP hosting the site from knowing that I visit here.

Originally Posted by Helo View Post
Using Tor seems to be a little overkill.

I'm a little curious, if you'd be willing to indulge, why you feel you need to use something like Tor to visit the forums.
That's a fair statement. I'm sure that, for many people, it is indeed overkill. On the other hand, it's trivial to use and it allows me to speak very openly without ever having to worry about somebody outside of my house from finding out before I'm ready.

Part of my paranoia comes from having been involved (as a victim) in a number of web site compromises. It's quite easy to feel utterly violated when a stranger gets access to detailed logs. I've even witnessed blackmail after a compromise before.

Obviously, some people have used it to do naughty things, or else some of the exit node IP addresses wouldn't be banned. So I understand the need to balance privacy with accountability, though I would still argue that it's a lost cause given the ease of getting around those bans.

Here is some more information regarding Tor:
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